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THE FOUNDATION – HAGIOTHERAPY DR. T. IVANČIĆ was established on May 3, 2010, as a legal framework in which certain assets will be allocated for the most valuable purpose – the moral and ethical transformation of man and society, and more specifically, the construction of the material future of anthropological medicine and hagiotherapy. And in 2020 it was renamed into the Tomislav Ivančić Foundation.

The objectives of the ZTI Foundation:

  • organizing and conducting professional lectures, seminars, forums, conferences and similar content
  • support for the construction and organization of an international center and associated facilities for scientific research and therapeutic work
  • research into the anthropological dimension of man and the development of anthropological medicine in the framework of which the method of hagiotherapy focuses on the basic healing of man
  • the moral and ethical transformation of man and society
  • training of research and therapeutic staff
  • providing support for the construction of the Founder’s central home
  • providing support for the construction of memorial chapels and monuments
  • publishing and promotional activities to contribute and fulfill the purpose of the Foundation


Since August 2014, the Foundation has been the publisher of a two-month journal on anthropological medicine – hagiotherapy, Hagiohr and the manual by Ana Perišić, Hagiotherapeutic approach in work and coexistence with children and youth.

The Editions can be purchased in the bookstores of Verbum, Teovizija, Josip Turčinović and Sv. Antun and at the Hagiotherapy Centers.

We are working on expanding our publishing activities and purchasing publishing rights from Teovizija and publishing the Professor’s books.

Negotiations with Teovizija are still ongoing. The analyzes we have done show that we do not have enough funds to start buying the rights. Conducting surveys and market research has shown that there is a great need and desire for Professor’s books, and it is devastating that seventy percent of Professor’s books are currently not on offer at all.

Through the survey questionnaire, we received encouraging answers and support to start buying rights. Since we want to preserve and expand the Professor’s work and word, and for all the above reasons, we decided to embark on the project:

“Get involved so that the written word of Tomislav Ivančić lives on”. 

You can pay directly to the account for the purchase of rights for the books by Tomislav Ivančić – project and join the club of supporters of the Tomislav Ivančić Foundation.

Account for purchasing the publishing rights:

IBAN: HR87 2340 0091 5110 9618 8 


10000 Zagreb, Račkoga 6, Croatia

SWIFT CODE: PBZGHR2X (for foreign payments)

Who can become a supporter of the Foundation of Tomislav Ivančić?

A supporter can become any natural or legal person who wants to and thus help us in our actions. It is necessary to register and to fill in the aplication form (which can be found below on this page) with all the information. It is important to emphasize that all subscribers of Hagio.hr automatically become members of the club (you can fill in the aplication form so that we have your information in one place). You will receive your membership card in the next number of the magazine.

What do you get when you become a supporter of the Foundation of Tomislav Ivančić?

  1. Every supporter who becomes a member automatically becomes a subscriber to Hagio.hr magazine and Hagio.hr portal if the payment is at least equal to the amount of the annual subscription to the magazine.
  2. You will be regularly informed of all our activities in the Foundation and the Community (ZMR) and as well as of the amount of funds raised. We are going to do that via our magazine, portal and your email in the form of a newsletter every two months (for that you need to provide us with your e-mail address).
  3. You make it possible for the written word and work of prof. Tomislav Ivančić to still live on.
  4. In the future, you will be entitled to a discount on the purchase of professor’s books.

How to become a supporter of the ZTI?

  1. Fill in the aplication form


2. Pay in a donation.

You can make a one-off payment or monthly payment:

Monthly minimum payment amount: HRK 30,00

One-off minimum payment: HRK 200,00

We hope we will soon be able to inform you of the specific amount needed to purchase the rights, but we will certainly need your help and engagement to be able to accomplish this project.
If you have any questions you can contact us at our email address: lijepojestopitate.hagio@gmail.com

Payment details are as follows:

Payer: Name, surname, address, postal code and place of the payer

Recipient: Zaklada ZTI, Horvaćanska 21, Zagreb

IBAN: HR2323400091110457949 at Privredna banka Zagreb

Call for Approval Number: 12345

Purpose of payment: For the club of supporters

SWIFT CODE: PBZGHR2X -for foreign payments

In addition to paying a donation, you can participate in the work of the Foundation by joining
the distribution of our promotional materials in appropriate places.

You can pick up promotional materials in person with prior notice by phone:
+385 1 4645 172
or by e-mail: lijepojestopitate.hagio@gmail.com
or we can send them to you by mail.


Zdravko Pribanic


Franjo Bašić


Ante Rončević
Ivanko Zekić
Ivan Grgić
Nevenka Hendrih
Tomislav Brejar


Horvaćanska 21, 10000 Zagreb
E-mail: lijepojestopitate.hagio@gmail.com
Tel./fax: +385 (1) 4645172
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