Beginning and development of hagiotherapy

Hagiotherapy has its roots in the early Christian catechumenate used by the founder, Professor Tomislav Ivančić, to create a practical model of modern evangelization.

In the third parto f this model, the cleansing and enlightment of man on the way to the Church is carried out. After some time, this third parto f the catechumenate model began to be used as a special way of helping people in their needs, crises, illnesses and despair.

August 1990

The Center for Spiritual help

In order to help people more professionally and better in this regard, in August 1990, the Center for Spiritual Assistance in Zagreb was established.

Scientific approach

After several years of practical work, there was a need to scientifically substantiate this work, so that such work could be scientifically argued, and on the other hand to develop a method of healing the spirit.

Schools and expansion

In 1994, the founder named this method 'hagiotherapy'. The organization of schools for the training of employees in hagiotherapy centers in our country and in the world quickly followed. Apart from Croatia, experts were trained in Austria, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Italy, Ireland, England, the USA and Ukraine.

In addition to holding public forums for doctors, priests and educators on the principles of hagiotherapy, the first scientific symposium on hagiotherapy was organized in 2006 in Zagreb. In the period from 2009 to 2017, eight International Studies of Hagiotherapy and Anthropological Medicine were held with over 600 participants per year from more than twenty countries.

The hagiotherapeutic spiritual approach has its source in the scientific research of the spiritual dimension, especially the brain and human consciousness, in the research of genes and their contents, memory and remembrance, in the research of human beliefs. In this sense, the study of scientific literature in the field of neuroscience provides great help.

Hagiotherapy consists of new therapeutic possibilities, and the therapeutic action in hagiotherapy opens up new visions and demands for all-encompassing development.

Hagiotherapy is a scientifically based therapeutic method for the healing of the spiritual soul that can be used by all people, all worldviews and all people who suffer.