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Is a woman deceiving herself or others?

While breathlessly and continuously wandering through social networks and associating with virtual world in an attempt to endure a marathon of ever-new trends, the lost woman does not sense the longing of her own depths but is worried about the passions and desires that have been thrown out by the sea of life with which she polluted her own nature, herself. The nature of women is threatened!

Volcanoes of rage and frustration erupt at the wrong time and in the wrong place. The heat waves of her depression don’t allow anyone to get near her. She drives away her nearest and dearest with a flood of stormy and misunderstood emotions. It is worrying that the natural beauty of a woman has been destroyed to such an extent that no joy and openness to life can be seen.


What is the task of a modern woman?

Is her task to edit and filter her photo on Instagram while neglecting the image of herself? Who does she have to please with her appearance? Is she trying so hard because of herself, a man, a woman next to her or social norms?

Wounds of a woman have once more been disclosed in each of her gesture, act, deed, inaction. The cause of all this is the lack of love, trust, tenderness, attention, and lack of acceptance from the early age. That is why a woman desperately needs a confirmation that she is worthy. She has a compelling need to be noticed, admired, accepted, and loved- and this confirms to her that she is not rejected.


Who imposed the imposed: “That a woman ‘must’, only must, always must, must everywhere do something? Must a baby girl be dressed in pink, girls play with Barbie dolls, teenage girls be polite and quiet alongside noisy and wild boys, and adolescent girls fine without profanity.

Do female students have to pass their exams on time and be ‘cute’ to their professors, while the boys drink beer and drive frantically? Does a young woman have to receive a ‘complete’ education and to get a doctorate, get a job and make career, and then also get married, have children or leave ‘herself along with her accomplishments’ and give herself completely to children.

Well, does man have to be ‘man’? Oh no, he does not. He has been given freedom and the essence of freedom is to choose good, humane, truth, moral and for the common good.

Who has been given freedom, a woman, or a man? Who gives freedom to whom? What is freedom? Is it when your parents let you to do anything that might render you ‘satisfied’ and ‘happy’? A confused mother and powerless father act like that.

“Change your mobile phone, clothes, style, look, even your identity if necessary. Change your place of residence, go on, change friends, partners, attitude, mentality, scar your skin with tattoos, get a piercing, take a shot of liquor, puff a joint, get rid of a ‘foreign body’ in your womb. My primary concern is that you are happy, my only daughter, the son of a proud mother, and that you never stop loving me.  Change your gender when you cannot change yourself. Society took care of that after all.”



Does modern society favor a woman, so it gives her freedom under the pretext of ‘good’ to have the right to choose for her good?

Nobody ‘should’ give freedom to a woman because freedom is man’s supreme ability, but also a danger if it is wounded. Oh, woman, you already have freedom!

In yourself. Through hagiotherapy, freedom should be revealed to a woman as the supreme organ that is given to every man, a man and a woman. Awareness of the spiritual reality within oneself makes freedom real and indestructible. A woman should discover external and internal freedom. Inner freedom is your wealth, woman. No one can take it away from you. If you choose GOOD, good becomes your destiny. So choose true and fair. You can do everything, but you do not have to. With your free will, you recognize good for yourself and others and choose only good.

Both inner and outer freedom should be revealed to a woman. Inner freedom is your richness, woman. It cannot be taken away from you. If you choose GOOD, good becomes your destiny. Therefore, choose what is truthful and just. You can do anything, but the thing is, you don’t have to. With your own free will you recognize good for yourself and others and you choose only good.

That is the essence of freedom: to choose only the good.


A woman is a responsible member of society. If she rises in spirit to the anthropological level, she will discover in a dissatisfied body who a woman is, and not what she is. If she rises to the spiritual level, in a humiliated and devalued body, she will restore her trampled dignity.

Discover yourself as a person you are. Discover the ‘essence’ of a woman. Listen to the talks about ‘being a woman’ so it can raise you to the spiritual level. There you will meet yourself, return to yourself, to your lost paradise. Where you are ‘you’. Can you hear your ‘I’?! This ‘I’ this ‘self’, this ‘individuality’ that makes you an original, unique, unrepeatable being. You don’t need to look like any other woman, because you are precious and valuable because you exist. Among seven billion people there is no one like you. Doesn’t this tell you how important you are?

You have made the world more beautiful. Society becomes better and nobler because you exist.

Meditation for you – Tomislav Ivančić

Meditation for you – Tomislav Ivančić

Part of the book: 33 Meditations by Tomislav Ivančić  THE SOURCE OF ALL EVIL AND

„If the Son of Man does not set you free…“

„If the Son of Man does not set you free…“

The imposition of gender ideology Gender ideology as such, did not arise all at

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