For a good day – from the pen of a hagioassistent

You are waiting for me


My Creator, I want to meet you today.

I know you are waiting for me…

I am responding to you now. I open the door of my heart to you. I allow you to enter it.

You know me better than I know myself. You have woven every cell of mine and filled it with your Spirit. That is why I am like you…

Your gaze is once again so motherly, soft and gentle… You outstretched arms invite me to embrace. You say to me: „My child…“ You call me by my name…

I have an unquenchable longing to be loved, for someone to accept and love me, to understand me, not accuse or judge me… People cannot do that, no matter how hard they try and want to.

Only you can fulfill the longings of my heart.

I allow your love to pour into my heart, to touch every lack in me that is present. To heal all the wounds that I experienced from the moment of conception until today due to the lack of love from others, due to difficult situations in my childhood, due to illness, arguments and discord in my family…


Today I want to accept myself again from your hands.

I want to say again, „Yes, I accept my life that you give me and myself just the way I am because that is how you imagined me! From now on I will no longer run away from myself and try to be like others. There is so much wealth in me – freedom, creativity, talents, gifts, virtues. I want to develop all that you have given me.“


My Father, sometimes it is so hard to be man. This world is full of sickness, suffering, unknowns and uncertainty. It all scares me. I need your firm hand to guide me, your shelter to protect me in the moments of danger and assault.


I want to always listen to your voice, because there are so many lies and untruths that lead me to wrong and false paths. I know that only your path leads to Life. I pray today for the courage so that I can bravely and persistently walk towards You on that path.

Thank you that your gaze is on me, that your eyes watch over my every step.

You promised to be with us all the days until the end of the world. It is nice to know that I do not have to go alone, that I can always stop by you.

I thank you for the comfort and encouragement, for the tenderness and love you shower on me! My heart is filled because I know that I am your favourite!

Thank you for always patiently waiting for me…

The joy of life, finally – the experience of hagiotherapy

The joy of life, finally – the experience of hagiotherapy

With this knowledge, I want to encourage others to experience the effectiveness

MEDITATION FOR YOU – Tomislav Ivančić

MEDITATION FOR YOU – Tomislav Ivančić

  Being wants to take hold of you Let us go to the One who blesses, the

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