Written by Miroslav Kolovrat

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Miroslav Kolovrat, dipl.ing. Born in 1953 in Bugojno, Bosnia and Herzegovina. After graduating from high school, he came to study in Zagreb. At the student religious education in Frankopanska Street, near the Sisters of Mercy of St. Vincent, he meets prof. Tomislav Ivančić, who then came from a study in Rome, and remains with him in the religious Community among the first five students. He spends the summer of 1975 with the Community in Davor, in the autumn of that year, he started publishing the magazine KORACI (which was the predecessor of Hagio.hr), as a member of the editorial board and the author of the editorial for upcoming publications. He remains permanently in Zagreb, is the father of five children and (at the urging of prof. Ivančić) founded his own business, and later a company. As an independent entrepreneur with over thirty years of such work, he retires. He is currently a member of the Hagio.hr editorial board.

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Every ideology has a lie at its core. This lie should then be „wrapped“ in showing the good for all people. Oddly, a matrix like this is always the same, and it attracts a lot of people and in a way recruits them for their goals, and they (those people) do not even know it. Only some of them have the good fortune to face the realization of deception, and bitterness, realizing how manipulated and naive they were.

All ideologies capture and kill people. The followers of ideologies must accept and understand that there is no God, and then they are free to manipulate everything without restriction. In the society in which it operates, ideology always seeks legitimacy by tirelessly propagating the struggle for the good of man, and in such a struggle, they are willing to expend tremendous intellectual energy. An old saying that a lie told many times becomes – the truth – in people’s perception.

We bring one example from the ideology of the culture of death. What do they proclaim about motherhood?

First, one does not come into the world as a woman but becomes a woman. For such a woman, marriage and motherhood are considered to be slavery and should be avoided wholeheartedly. The child that a woman carries during pregnancy is an ordinary „piece of meat“, a kind of parasite that lives at her expense. So it is allowed to kill a child!?? In this way, the woman will prove to be the mistress of her body, and not be a machine for giving birth to children.

Hence the contempt for women who have achieved motherhood and are rightly proud. In this ideology, women are not so considered mothers, they are more fertile organisms like „hens that lay eggs“. Motherhood is, therefore, a common myth, and today’s science has freed a woman from slavery to reproduction through contraception and abortion!

Unfortunately, advocating and legalizing abortion and the so-called „free love“ without and outside of marriage has become a generally accepted „modern“ value for many, so anyone with a critical attitude is declared a backward, orthodox believer manipulated by religion.

On the contrary, there is something in man’s common sense that opposes such ridiculous, dangerous theses and actions. All these advocates and promoters of this ideology were born of their mothers who gladly brought them into this world. For a time, they „lived at her expense“, with their mother, but then they did not protest. Do they think what it would be like if they were never born at all, not did they see the light of this life to which they fall with so much ferocity and hatred?

Is not the situation in which the creature deeply insults its Creator, his perfection in the creation of man and woman hidden in the proclamation of this ideology, because „He created them in his image“!??

Thus, this ideology systematically attacks the spiritual, mental and physical life of man. The attack is aimed at sexuality as God’s gift to man to be in the function of his life – mental (emotional) and physical. This gift is originally internally connected with love and posterity, and if we separate from it, the gift becomes deadly.

There is an anecdote about how a professor at the Faculty of Medicine asked a question during a lecture:

„The family is large, life is difficult, the father has syphilis, the mother is drunk and pregnant. What about the unborn child?“ – the professor asks.  The students answered in a loud voice, „Abort it!“

„Wonderful!“, said the professor, and continued, „Now you have killed Ludwig van Beethoven!“

It is superfluous to waste words on the genius of this composer, who has indebted the whole world of serious music with his work. God knows how to write straight on the wrong lines – will say those who have experienced an encounter with Him. 

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