MEDITATION FOR YOU – Tomislav Ivančić

Part of the book: 33 Meditations by Tomislav Ivančić


Meditation course: I am sitting down, my arms folded in my lap, I am leaning on my legs, my back is straight, my breathing calm. Above me, like a sea of presence, is God with his innumerable gifts, ready to correct my every wrong move and to fulfill every deep longing of mine. I can feel that tangible presence. Present suffering and trouble is nothing but a brief justice of God. Immediately after it is mercy and freedom from suffering and guilt. The smiling gaze of God full of benevolence is above me. I do not allow even a shadow of evil to fall into my experience of God. Whatever my present life may be, it will be blessed in the next moment…. Slowly and taking time I say, “Only good comes from you. Never evil. Just good ….”

And I “swim” in that truth. Soaked in it, I leave the meditation.

God cannot think or do evil. Evil is, in fact, a lack of good or a lack of existence, something that should be, but is not. God is an absolute being, he cannot be changed, he cannot be truncated. He has everything, he can do everything, he thinks everything, he does everything. That is why he is a perfect being. He is simply goodness, love, beauty, joy, justice. That is why God cannot destroy anyone. He can only desire and do good. Evil comes from the Evil One and from our limited nature, it comes from immersion in sin and distrust of God. No matter what I do, God always loves me and wants to set me free. Regardless what I am like, God always goes to meet me only with justice and mercy.

“God is like a sea that descends towards me to make me happy in any case, to set me free, to perfect me, to fulfill my desires, to give himself to me.”

Justice, mercy, love, compassion, goodness, forgiveness – it is all in God. Always only for my good, never for evil. It all depends on whether I believe it. If I do not believe, I close myself off from God’s saving work and condemn myself. God sends me only GOOD.

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This article is free

MEDITATION FOR YOU – Tomislav Ivančić

MEDITATION FOR YOU – Tomislav Ivančić

Part of the book: 33 Meditations by Tomislav Ivančić THE HOLY SPIRIT IS THE

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