Part of the book: 33 Meditations by Tomislav Ivančić


Meditation course: Sit down and take a deep breath. Then exhale slowly and remember: THE BREATH OF LIFE WAS BREATHED INTO ME. Continue to focus on breathing and keep thinking: I breathe and therefore, I live. Cessation of breathing is cessation of life. The spirit breathes in you. After ten minutes become aware: the Holy Spirit regenerates you, cleanses you, guides you, inspires you, loves you. In him you conquer lethargy, sin, evil. Then let the Holy Spirit speak in you, let him pray in you, let him testify to you  that you are a child of God. Thank the Holy Spirit…

Life is a wonderful reality. What keeps the atoms of the flower so perfectly coordinated in color, scent, shape? Where does the flower and the fruit draw all that treasure and beauty that neither factories can make, nor man imitate? Who holds the human body so perfectly in function that it does not disintegrate? Who controls the movement of the stars? Who studies animals to survive and reproduce? Or: what keeps the color of a painting together to convey the artist’s inspiration? Matter is inert, dead, prone to decay.

Who keeps it in perfect forms of nature, minerals, organisms, human deeds? Who? Cities, works of art, houses, factories, machines were assembled by the human spirit, using some other Spirit who already keeps the matter around us in law. The human spirit composed letters, books, pictures, suits, food, voices, songs, notes, cars, speech, machines, conversation. And who made such achievements possible for the human spirit? And what spirit created man? It is obvious that this is a Force stronger than matter and than man. That it is beautiful, omnipotent, creative, good, holy. What power is that? It is the Holy Spirit through whom our souls are breathed at birth and whom we receive especially at baptism and other sacraments, and especially in prayer.

The Holy Spirit is a creative person, supreme freedom, peace. He empowers man to create. He is the strongest power in the world. He is Love and leads everything quietly, delicately, slowly, but surely towards the goal. He who receives the Holy Spirit becomes capable of overcoming all the adversities of life.

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Tomislav Ivančić (EJ)
He was born in Davor in 1938. After studying philosophy and theology in Zagreb and Rome, he was ordained a priest of the Zagreb Archdiocese in 1966. After achieving a master's degree in philosophy and a doctorate in theology from the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, he returned to Zagreb in 1971, where he became a professor at the Catholic Faculty of Theology, University of Zagreb. He is the head of the Chair of Fundamental Theology, and was one of the editors of the Theological Review. Areas of his scientific work are philosophy, theology and literature. He explores the relationship between philosophy and theology, faith and science, atheism and religiosity, revelation and faith, the Church and ecclesial communities, Christianity and religion, the phenomenon of sects and issues of theological epistemology. His special field of interest is the study of man's existential-spiritual dimension, where he discovers the way of modern evangelization and the necessity of the development of spiritual medicine, which, along with somatic and psychological, is indispensable in the complete healing of man, especially in the healing of spiritual diseases and addictions. For this purpose, he developed the method of hagiotherapy and founded in 1990 in Zagreb the Center for Spiritual Help, of which he is the head. From 1971, in addition to working at the faculty, he was a student religious teacher in Zagreb, the initiator of the prayer movement within the Church of the Croats, the founder of a religious society called the Prayer and Word Community(MiR), and the leader of numerous seminars for spiritual renewal and evangelization at home and abroad. After completing his studies and scientific doctorate in fundamental theology at ... (Read more at