For a good day – from the pen of an hagioassistant

Written by: Lana Poljak Branisavljević


Sunday is a day that is different from all the other days of the week. It is a day that, dear reader, is a gift to you. Are you aware of that?

Sunday is a day when all your jobs, deadlines, meetings, shopping and cleaning are no longer in the foreground. You matter now!

It is first and foremost a day given to you to meet yourself, your Creator and your neighbours. Sunday is the day when the Creator himself tells you: stop for a while, I am waiting for you, in my lap there is refreshment and rest… Look now into your soul and see where you have walked last week.

Have you wandered or is the goal in front of you so clear?

Did you live or languished last week? Did you love others or resent them? How have your past days been?

Enter into silence. Turn off the outside noise that constantly distracts you… but try to notice if there is noise inside you as well? Maybe your conscience that warns you? Do you carry any insult in your heart? Did you miss something good? Have you developed, grown, progressed?

Are you afraid of something?

Surrender everything that oppresses you, all worries, torments and fears into the hands of your Creator. Do not wait too long. He knows and understands you best… He is the beginning and the end of your every job and vision. His plans are above your plans, so be close to him today in a special way and allow him to be close to you. Invite him this Sunday for lunch or a walk in nature and allow him to heal you and renew your strength for the new week ahead…

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Meditation for you – Tomislav Ivančić

Meditation for you – Tomislav Ivančić

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Meditation – Immersion in God’s Spirit – Prof Tomislav Ivančić

This article is free

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