MEDITATION FOR YOU – Tomislav Ivančić

Led by the Holy Spirit

The course of the meditation: Calm down and feel your heart beating and your breathing reviving every vein of your body with oxygen. Then try to calm down so that you feel „released“ from yourself and hand over the leadership of your body and soul into the hands of the Spirit of God. The Holy Spirit revives every part of your body. He heals your soul’s traumas. Like a breeze he flows through you, like living water flows and makes everything young, alive, creative. It takes away fears, torments, sins, scars. You stay clean, light, fresh, rested, protected. Your body begins to function originally, without interruption, healthy. You feel like in water, as if the light forces of the Spirit of God sway you, guide your breathing, your heartbeat. Let it enter into every breath: Thank you, God… Father, glory be to You…

All people are aware that they are not the fruit and project of some earthly beings. The oldest traditions tell us that we came out of God’s hand. Christian Revelation confirms this old tradition. Every detail of our body, our longings and our soul was „designed“ by God. We are the image and the likeness of God. We do not have a clear concept or image of God. And yet, we are soaked with him, wherever we turn we meet him, we touch him, and not only by the presence of his work, but he himself is everywhere. He holds all the strings of reality in his hands. The Holy Spirit revives everything that exists. With the breath of life our immortal soul was breathed into us, and he keeps our body alive and the functioning of everything we call man in us.

He is behind everything, he is the master, the owner of everything. We are guests in ourselves. Distrust of him or fears can disrupt his project within us. If we let him in, he accomplishes unimaginable longings in us. Especially in those who by baptism entered into a special communion with him. He dwells in their body as in a temple. If we surrender to the Holy Spirit, there is no limit to our possibilities. Then a new life begins in us. If we resist and murmur against him, everything stops. The Holy Spirit leads to freedom and peace.

For a good day – from the pen of a hagioassistant

For a good day – from the pen of a hagioassistant

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