MEDITATION FOR YOU – Tomislav Ivančić


Meditation course: Collect yourself, sitting on a chair, calm down, relax and become aware that you are standing before God. HERE I AM, I AM HERE, GOD – say it slowly. Then, after deep contemplation, look at what you want to give to God today. What truth about yourself and the world are you hiding from? What do you not accept in yourself? Are you true? Without the truth about yourself, you cannot enter into love. And without love you are not redeemed. Be brave today. Give poverty and receive God. Praise him.

Man was created free by God. This freedom is not absolute, because only God is absolutely free, but it is relative. Man is free to choose his salvation or to oppose it. God does not save man without his participation. God is omnipotent. But he respects man’s relative freedom. He cannot force man to love him (and that is salvation), because then he would abolish man’s freedom and make a machine of him, an instinctive and not a free being. God thus dwells everywhere except somehow in man’s freedom (if man does not allow it). God can do everything, but He cannot change man’s freedom. This, however, does not abolish but further affirms God’s omnipotence and freedom.

Namely, God saves man in spite of his freedom or precisely through it, and only through love. He calls and attracts him. That is why we can give ourselves to God or shut ourselves up in egoism. The first thing God wants from man is to give himself. To people and to God. He first asks: What do you have to give me? In order to receive something from God, we must first give. To convert, to turn to God, to give him your sins and helplessness. To become humble, to give freedom in order to get everything, even greater freedom and God himself. For salvation is in union with God. Solutions to world problems too. That is, love is the basic need and the greatest aspiration of man and the world. Prayer is true only if it is in love. This means that the first step in prayer is giving to God and to people. And that means first accepting my freedom, my poverty, my limitations, my helplessness, my sins, my curse, my whole self just the way I am, and then bringing it before God.

Forgive others, yourself and God. Only in this way can God redeem, transform and make us rich to be like our Father whose adopted children we are. Not to shut yourself off from any man, or the truth, or the most tragic and desperate situation. Because God is omnipotent.

U dodiru ljepote oživljava i tvoj život

U dodiru ljepote oživljava i tvoj život

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