The goal of this campaign is to raise the necessary funds for the purchase of publishing rights for books by Professor Tomislav Ivančić. The books written by Tomislav Ivančić are a real gem. We are witnessing how many lives were changed because of his books, but unfortunately currently more than 70% of books are not on the market. After concluding a contract on the transfer of publishing rights with the publishing house in the amount of HRK 543,750.00, we decided to launch a crowfunding campaign to raise the necessary funds. We invite you to join us and so become part of this beautiful story.

395 670 RAISED    543,750.00 GOAL

Who are we?

FOUNDATION – HAGIOTHERAPY TOMISLAV IVANČIĆ PhD, founded on May 3, 2010 by Tomislav Ivančić as a legal framework in which certain funds will be distributed for the most precious purpose – moral and ethical transformation of man and society, and more specifically, building the material future of anthropological medicine and hagiotherapy. It continues with its work after his death as a logistical support of the Community Prayer and the Word also founded by the professor. In 2020, we renamed it to Tomislav Ivančić Foundation.


Since August 2014, the Foundation has been publishing the journal of anthropological medicine – hagiotherapy, Hagiohr and the handbook by Ana Perišić “Hagiotherapeutical Approach to Work and Coexistence with Children and Youth”. Editions can be purchased in the bookstores of Verbum, Teovizija, Josip Turčinović and St. Anthony and at the Hagiotherapy Centres.

We are working on expanding our publishing activities and buying publishing rights and publishing the professor’s books. That is why we launched this campaign.

“A miracle can be seen with the soul and not the eye.
Tomislav Ivančić

About the project “Get involved that the written word of Tomislav Ivančić still lives on”

With the help of this project, we want to make numerous titles of Professor Tomislav Ivančić PhD available to the public again. Currently, only a small number of the titles is available in retail. Until now, the publishing house Teovizija had the rights to most of the titles and their publishing, which offered us, Tomislav Ivančić Foundation, founded by the professor, the purchase of those rights.

Cost statement

We concluded negotiations with Teovizija and signed a contract on the transfer of publishing rights of all editions of professor Tomislav Ivančić to the Foundation. The agreed amount by which we purchase publishing rights for all 78 Croatian and 21 foreign titles is HRK 435.000 plus VAT, which makes a total of HRK 543.750. Thanks to you and your donations that we collected through the Supporter’s Club, we have collected and paid HRK 130.000 so far, while the entire amount should be paid by 1 June, 2022. In order to achieve this goal and the entire opus of professor Tomislav Ivančić made available to the public we started a crowfunding campaign on 15 February 2022.

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Campaign Team

The holder of the campaign to which the crowfunding platform will pay out all donated money is Tomislav Ivančić Foundation, 21 Horvaćanska street, 10 000 Zagreb.

The crowfunding campaign itself is led by a volunteer team that has gone all the way from idea to operational implementation: Robert Pušelja, Anđela Čale, Dragica Medved, Renata Kovačević and Vesna Žarko.

How to donate (it is easy!)

You can go on our crowdfunding page:

Or directly true our PayPal account:

Do not forget to share with friends the information that you donated. Donation is a noble act that is more successful the more people participate.

A day in which you did a lot of good,
That was a long day.
Then you feel that wealth is left in that day,
That you have become more human and happier and you carry that day in your heart.
Tomislav Ivančić

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