Written by: Lana Poljak Branisavljević

How good it is that we can meet here today, dear reader! Another day is ahead of us. Does it seem to you, like me, that twenty-four hours is not enough for all those jobs and obligations that are written in your planner today?

Do you think that you have to get there and do it all?

Have you fallen into that trap of anxious thoughts and worries since morning?

If you have, stop! Now is the right time to get rid of it!

Why did you put everything on your shoulders?

Why do you think you have to do everything?

Do you know how to separate the important from the irrelevant?

Calm your body for a moment, calm your thouthts and become aware – my life has been given to me, so this day and everything I need for today. There is Someone in whose hands I can hand over everything that awaits me today, my jobs, my plans, my desires, all the people I will meet today…

I do not go through this day alone. And when your psychophysical strength slows down, when your body gets tired, when your feelings start to swirl, just stop again and remember that you are also a spiritual being, that each of your cells is revived by the Spirit and that the Spirit never gets tired.

He always gives freshness, rest, new strength. He is an inexhaustible source. And lastly, do you know that today you only have one task to do?

And that is: Accept that you are loved and to love!

May this day be blessed and fruitful for you!

Neka ti je blagoslovljen i plodonosan ovaj dan!

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