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In hagiotherapy, the medicine is actually the content of the therapist or hagioassistant himself. The hagioassistant should have in himself the love that he, through his own treatment, has managed to absorb into himself and that love radiates to the patient through him. He should have the experience of freedom from addiction to cigarettes, drugs, or alcohol, or gambling, or swearing, or gossiping… And when he has freed himself from something, then that freedom from him acts on the other. By healing himself from various addiction, there is this freedom in the hagioassistant that creates new synapses in the brain, that is, new possibilities that have an incredible effect on the hagiopatient’s brain and he directly experiences his healing.

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How to be an excellent hagioassistant

From „A Minute for You“ by prof. Dr sc Tomislav Ivančić, broadcast on 7, 8 and 9 July 2017 Source: www.ple-mir.com


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