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By Ana Perišić, hagioassistant

Who are you and who can you become?!

The question of all questions is the question one should ask oneself: Who are you? And, who can You become? We usually think that the answer goes without saying: if (something) is clear to You, then that is the answer to the question. Yet the signals of the human inner state show something quite different.

A feeling, like a deep realization, keeps human insecurity, fear of rejection, worthlessness, anger over life’s difficult challenges hidden. Man seems to be afraid to peek into those depths because he will probably discover some abyss there, deep pain of nonsense. But there is hope that this is not the case. It needs to be looked at a little better. This is where the most valuable secret about man’s purpose of existence is hidden.

First things first. The fact that we are unique, original, is clear to everyone. Never, but never again will there be a person like you. But what the original is like, how it differs from other originals, has yet to be discovered. Now one of you readers will laugh, remembering how old he is: 30, 65 or older. Man can live his whole life without discovering the value of his originality, or the mission that only he could accomplish here on Earth. Where is the „catch“, young people would ask.

First: Whose are you really?

Self-discovery does not come from what You seem to be able to be, what others expected so it did not come true, but it is somehow present as an unrealized possibility as if you are someone’s longing. You are one’s outline, a partaker of the existence of the Absolute. You are the goodness of Goodness itself. The truth about You is that you are precious primarily because you are from Him.

Your value cannot cease, it is primordial. There is the „catch“. The inability to imagine this for yourself and accept it is the primary signpost where you have to go with this life. You will not get anywhere if you lose sight of the fundamental truth about yourself: you are worth because you exist, you are worth because someone loved you, wanted you, decided to give a part of himself to this world with you. That is what you ask people to do. Your days are unhappy because you do not believe in that truth, and yet you cry out so strongly for it.

Man in silence and screaming wanders the world looking for other people to satisfy his inner hunger. Isn’t it madness to ask for something from those who have the same problem, who lack that same security, love, maybe even more than You?!

Besides all your great effort and years of commitment, you can miss your goal, your happiness of existence, if you do not stop and search your interior by seeking your Father. There will still be the emptiness you sense in yourself if you do not allow yourself to be rooted in His idea. If by creating You, He gave the fullness of Himself, then the mission is excellent, only Yours, original. Everything else is corporeal, perishable and represents emptiness.

The essence is not in the creation of the material but in existence. The essence is not what you need to do for the world and how to survive here, but already to let yourself be loved, to accept that you are an infinite value. It seems to you that this is something banal, irrelevant and stupid, that it is too late for this transformation, but if you do not try, you will continue to carry all the misery of the world on your shoulder.

Be smart, love yourself – today, it is high time.

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