MEDITATION FOR YOU – Tomislav Ivančić

God is omnipotent and rules over everything. He controls every detail of our lives. Without him, nothing happens. He allows everything that happens to us in life. He is the almighty and omniscient God. And there is only one God. We are, therefore, in his hands no matter what happens to us. God is good and he is goodness itself. God loves every work of his. Especially man. He is Love. So no matter what happens to us in life, God always leads to the good. God cannot help but lead to the good. There is no shadow of evil in him. God created man free and therefore man can accept or resist God’s goodness.

Temptations and tribulations come from sin, from man and his division between instinct and conscience. Man is tempted by the Evil One. Faith saves. Faith is opening to God. Temptation is a crossroads in which man is called to make a choice: either to believe that God is at work and that trouble leads to good, or to think that it is evil and not believe in a good outcome from God and close himself to faith. If he opens himself, the trouble is solved. Either God gives me the strength to carry the cross or he takes away the trouble. The sign that we have trusted God is that we glorify and praise him in trouble, knowing this is our privileged moment of faith. Praising God also opens us to trust him, so divine forces enter us and set us free.

For a good day – from the pen of a hagioassistent

For a good day – from the pen of a hagioassistent

Father My Creator, my Father You walk in front of me, You have known me since

For a good day – from the pen of a hagioassistant

For a good day – from the pen of a hagioassistant

BE NEW The verses of a song that runs through my head today say: ‘You are new

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