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The part from the book: 33 meditations by the author Tomislav Ivančić

To be in Jesus church

The course of the meditation: With your eyes raised to heaven, gather yourself and surrender to the truth that you are a member of the Church, which is the Body of Jesus Christ. Or – that you would like to be one. Let the fact that the divine „juices“ of Christ flow in you permeate you. Let Jesus cleanse you and bind you more and more tightly to Himself. May his Spirit soak you. Breathing calmly, thinking of the wonderful reality of your belonging to the Body of Christ, awaken love for every man in the world. Look Jesus in the face and let him make you born again and make you look more like Him. Thank Jesus because you are joined to Church by baptism.

The Church is primarily an organism. She is, in fact, the Body of Christ. In her Christ is the head, the Holy Spirit the soul, and the faithful limbs in the function of the whole Body. The blood of Christ flows through all the limbs, by eating the body of Jesus believers become the Body of Jesus. They are revived by the Spirit of Christ. The Church is an organism in the service of saving the world. The Holy Spirit creates the communion of all limbs. The grace and merits of individuals flow into all limbs. But likewise all suffer from the sins of individuals. All believers in the Church are connected with Christ like branches with vine, like a branch with a tree. The life juices of Christ flow into every believer. These are miraculous strengths, divine forces in believers. Jesus is the Word of that organism, the Holy Spirit is the Power.

To be in the Church means to be embedded in the divine nature of Jesus, already we may participate in the divine nature.

The Church radiates the divine power into the whole world. She is all for others. That is why she has to be purified in order to be translucent to God’s grace and truth for everyone who seeks it. She is holy, though she is constantly defiled by the sins of believers. Jesus constantly cleanses and sanctifies her.

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Prof Tomislav Ivančić – Mothers, Love Your Children

Prof Tomislav Ivančić – Mothers, Love Your Children

This article is free

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