For a good day – from the pen of a hagioassistant


Patience is one of man’s important good qualities and virtues. It is as if it puts our fast and sudden psychophysical nature in the right place. It is like it is saying, „Where are you running headlong, man? Wait a minute… Slow down…“

We often rush in wanting to say something right away, do something right away, see the fruits of our efforts and our work right away.

But sometimes in life you have to wait. You need to learn how to be patient. A pregnant woman cannot slow down or speed up the birth of a child, she is patient for nine months guarding the child that grows under her heart. The farmer who sowed the seed can only wait patiently and await for the golden grain and the bountiful harvest at the exact time for it. A student cannot skip numerous exams and get a diploma immediately, but patiently and effortfully master one exam at a time.

To be patient and persistent means to be focused on the goal, on the good that awaits you after this.

This means not giving up at the first difficult obstacle or crisis. Man easily gives up when he stares at some momentary torment, pain or suffering, because he is overcome by doubt and fear and thinks, „I cannot go on… „ Have you, dear reader, had such an experience? I did, many times in my life… What to do then?

Remember, this world and your life does not depend only on your efforts and strengths. There is a Creator who is omnipotent, He holds you, every man and the world. He can turn every situation of your life for the better.

Do you believe that?

Are you among those impatient?

Can you wait?

Do you give up easily?

Do you often choose the „easier“ path, the one that does not require much effort?

All your perseverance will pay off a hundredfold, be for your growth and progress. It is the law of the Spirit inscribed in our being.

In the days to come, try to be more patient with yourself and others. Discard nervousness and impatience and your soul will be grateful to you.

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