MEDITATION FOR YOU – Tomislav Ivančić


The course of the meditation: Sitting in the silence of the room or nature, direct all your attention to Jesus who is in front of you. Look at Him and after thorough composure ask Him: WHAT IS MY TASK ON EARTH? Say the question lightly, aggravatingly, with the depth of your heart, several times. And then listen to the inner voice. God created you. Be as he made you. In this way you will achieve success, meaning, joy usefulness for others. Do not run away from yourself, do not be ashamed of yourself. Be proud of every detail of your life, behaviour, work, opportunity, because it is all from God. No one can dishonour you, no one can stop you, no one can deny you the necessities of life,  if you are with God. Rely on the power of God in and around you. You can be holy as the saints were. If you want, you can, because God is with you. Don’t be afraid of human considerations, because God allows you to be respected and appreciated. Surrender to God’s arms, that Providence, and after ten minutes begin to thank God for every detail of your being.

People do not have a decisive word about life and success. God created every life according to His plan and He gives success to every man. Every man has reasons for existence. God gives the power and knowledge that man can fulfill and perfectly accomplish his life task.

As soon as we start relying only on people, we start experiencing frustrations. It all depends on God. Without God, fear, insecurity, and helplessness begin in us. God loves all people equally. He has no priviledged ones because all people are His children. Every man can be holy, successful, joyful, and happy. Every life can be designed. The question is on which you build your life: whether on the omnipotent force of the universe, on God, or on the fragile forces of man and creature.

Let this meditation free us from the inferiority complex.

For a good day – from the pen of a hagioassistant

For a good day – from the pen of a hagioassistant


For a good day – from the pen of a hagioassistant

For a good day – from the pen of a hagioassistant

     WORDS THAT HEAL According to some researches, it is believed that man on

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