MEDITATION FOR YOU – Tomislav Ivančić

Where is God? Is there a place somewhere where God is not? God not only created the world and us men but sustains all. What does that mean? It means that God creates you, me, and the world at all times. He says every moment to everything and situation in life: let it be. If he would only distance himself from us for a moment, we would cease to exist. Tomorrow does not exist. God must create it, and so he must create you in it. God, therefore, is constantly creating you. He is always with you. He wants you every moment. He likes you. He loves you and wants you to live on Earth and in eternity.

He likes your very existence. But you resist him. You are afraid that someone else is leading your life. So you do not accept what God wants. When you agree to what he does, when you believe that he is at work in your life and that no one can do anything to you when you are with him, then your life will begin to change. Then you trust him and allow him to make his amazing plan for you. Your happiness is starting to blossom. So where is God to you? To you precisely, where is he?

For a good day – from the pen of hagioassistant

For a good day – from the pen of hagioassistant

THE ENCOUNTER FROM WHICH I LIVE Dear friend, will you collect your thoughts with

For a good day – from the pen of a hagioassistent

For a good day – from the pen of a hagioassistent

Father My Creator, my Father You walk in front of me, You have known me since

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