For a good day – from the pen of hagioassistant


Dear friend, will you collect your thoughts with me today before you set out on this day and stand before the face of your Creator? He is waiting for us… Sit or kneel, calm down…

Let your soul speak, My Father, you are here… And I am here… You know about me, You wanted me, you wanted me to exist… You said that you engraved me in your palms… You were the first to call my name. I know that I am yours and that I belong to you. I know that my existence is not a mere coincidence, I am not a number, one in a multitude of people… I am the fruit of love and not of any kind of love – but of the holiest, most sublime, unconditional Love!

„You gave me to me.

I thank You for the gift of life, for what I am, for existing! You created me so miraculously and still create me, day after day again… You gave me everything – life, conscience, freedom, free will, trust, hope, love, memory, remembrance, character, creativity, virtues, good qualities, abilities, talents… Oh, what wealth is in me!

I thank You now for your nearness, for your sight on me, for being present in every moment of my life. You renew my strength day by day, you raise my gaze and say to me, Do not be afraid! Do not be anxiously worried, I have conquered the world! I hand over to you all my neighbours, my jobs and plans, my fears and worries, my past, present and future… I know that everything is safe in your hands and that you only wish me well. I trust you.

Cover me today with your love and tenderness so that I can bravely walk through all the challenges of this day. Stay with me, I need you close… Stay like that for at least ten, fifteen minutes…

                    From that encounter today you and I will live…

MEDITATION FOR YOU – Tomislav Ivančić

MEDITATION FOR YOU – Tomislav Ivančić

RAISE YOUR GAZE Meditation course: Sit or kneel calmly and be relaxed

MEDITATION FOR YOU – Tomislav Ivančić

MEDITATION FOR YOU – Tomislav Ivančić

YOU ARE LOOKING AT ME Meditation course: Sit in a quiet corner of the room

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