For a good day – from the pen of a hagioassistant

Today, my nine-year-old son, who has been observing and studying birds in all possible ways and with great zeal for a year and a half, invited me to go to Maksimir Park… And as we walk the forest paths at early dawn, listening to birds chirping and watching the treetops, the thought comes to me – how little it really takes… to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city – its cars, trams and people, to get away from the whirlwind of obligations and duties and go into the woods, sit on a meadow or a rock by the sea or the river bank… and come to yourself, allow your soul to start breathing anew.

Today, people often relax in front of the TV watching marathon movies and series, surfing or playing computer games or spending time at some Wellness centers or shopping malls. But isn’t man somehow even more tired after that, more burdened?

And I ask myself again today – who created all this so miraculously? Arranged all of nature in such an astounding way? Who spread those awesome colors in the spring sky? Not to mention birds that treat us every day with their extraordinary concerts at no charge… Who trained them so wonderfully?

Do you notice, dear reader, in the nature that surrounds you that amazing imprint of the Creator? The tenderness and fragility of a flower, the splendor of trees, the freshness of a clear stream, the love poured into each of His creatures.

Stop now and ask yourself… Do my eyes see beauty? In me, around me? In another man? What do my eyes see every day? Can I still, as a little child from the depths of my soul, admire and rejoice at the ladybird that lands on my hand, the new flower in my garden?

In the week ahead, look for small oases in the nature that surrounds you, discovering thus the Creator’s closeness and allowing Him to tell you how much he loves you and how precious you are to Him.

MEDITATION FOR YOU – Tomislav Ivančić

MEDITATION FOR YOU – Tomislav Ivančić

I AM NOT AFRAID ANYMORE – GOD’S PROVIDENCE The course of the meditation:

MEDITATION FOR YOU – Tomislav Ivančić

MEDITATION FOR YOU – Tomislav Ivančić

That is what God wanted… God’s will The course of the meditation: I can

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