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Find a place where no one and nothing will bother you for the next twenty minutes. Sit or kneel, take one deep breath and exhale slowly. Let everything on you be relaxed, calm. After that, go to those with whom you live in a tense relationship. Make peace with them, at least in your imagination for now. Forgive and ask to be forgiven. Then become aware that God is here, in front of you. And that you can hear him in spirit and speak to him. Say, „You are here, God. Here I am too. I want to talk to you.“ Stay that way in peace and let your heart be in anticipation and desire to encounter God. Pray that God enables you to speak to him.

Persevere in prayer every day. You will encounter God.

God is the absolute, perfect Spirit. When he created man, he breathed the breath of his Spirit. In the sacraments the Christian receives new power of the Spirit of God. This means that man can communicate with God through his spirit aided by the Spirit of God. Just as through shaking hands, watching, listening, we can communicate with people, we talk to them, so we can talk to God through the spirit.

To enter into dialogue with God, we need to recollect.

While material communication is direct, external, and therefore more noticeable to man, spiritual communication is finer, more delicate. Spiritual communication requires peace, sensibility, relaxation, a pure heart. It requires man to open up from within, to turn himself completely into listening. It is similar to when man thinks or when he seeks inspiration for artistic creation. It is deep listening. That is how it is possible to speak to God. But it is more important to listen to God.

A clear conscience is a condition of inner peace and composure is a condition of external peace.

God, then, can be heard and spoken to. The belief that God exists gives just that communication with him. He who has once spoken to God no longer doubts his existence. Moreover, this communication changes him so that man begins to do miraculous deeds of God. They thus confirm God’s presence.

A believer is a man who talks to God. That is a prayer.

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He was born in Davor in 1938. After studying philosophy and theology in Zagreb and Rome, he was ordained a priest of the Zagreb Archdiocese in 1966. After achieving a master's degree in philosophy and a doctorate in theology from the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, he returned to Zagreb in 1971, where he became a professor at the Catholic Faculty of Theology, University of Zagreb. He is the head of the Chair of Fundamental Theology, and was one of the editors of the Theological Review. Areas of his scientific work are philosophy, theology and literature. He explores the relationship between philosophy and theology, faith and science, atheism and religiosity, revelation and faith, the Church and ecclesial communities, Christianity and religion, the phenomenon of sects and issues of theological epistemology. His special field of interest is the study of man's existential-spiritual dimension, where he discovers the way of modern evangelization and the necessity of the development of spiritual medicine, which, along with somatic and psychological, is indispensable in the complete healing of man, especially in the healing of spiritual diseases and addictions. For this purpose, he developed the method of hagiotherapy and founded in 1990 in Zagreb the Center for Spiritual Help, of which he is the head. From 1971, in addition to working at the faculty, he was a student religious teacher in Zagreb, the initiator of the prayer movement within the Church of the Croats, the founder of a religious society called the Prayer and Word Community(MiR), and the leader of numerous seminars for spiritual renewal and evangelization at home and abroad. After completing his studies and scientific doctorate in fundamental theology at ... (Read more at