What is macrotherapy?

Arranged: Željka Kolar

according to the lecture given by prof. T.Ivančić

With macrotherapy in hagiotherapy we can completely spiritually heal ourselves. Macrotherapy wants to turn each of us, at every age, towards the truth, goodness, and beauty. In this text, four macro-therapies are elaborated. Decide to thoroughly implement at least one that you think you need the most right now and that at this moment pulls you out of some kind of abyss that you are in, to the level of spiritual health, into friendship with the Creator, into the joy of life.

Fundamental option for goodness, truth, love, and beauty

The question is how to stay humane, honest, and good, intelligent and dignified? How to stay pure, innocent? How to remain man, a supreme being to the end? If we are not, we have fallen out of existence and we suffer. The solution, the cure is to make a turnaround in life. Turn around and start doing good. Start living differently than you have lived until now. If you eat too much, decide that you will not do it anymore; if you drink too much, decide that you will stop; if you curse, decide that you will bless from now on. If you have been stealing till now, start giving to others and you will see how your wealth will multiply and how you will be turned from your poverty to a rich man. Make a turnaround.

By going to Church on Sundays, none of the problems in your life are solved. People come and go to Church equally corrupted, equally negative in their thoughts and their speech.

Every man on this Earth needs a fundamental conversion. Conversion is not some kind of commandment, but a medicine and means to happiness. Try to make just a small step towards conversion, change one thing and you will feel joy, you will want to sing, laugh and tell jokes and then you will realise what conversion actually means. Conversion is a medicine from which you and your family will enjoy, heal, get wealthy.

Free yourself from guilt, fear, and slavery to evil

You will be freed from guilt if you start doing good. At least do good to somebody and you will feel that guilt is getting weaker.

Then tell your Creator entirely calmly: “I’m sorry!” It is enough to confess your guilt and to feel sorry for ruining yourself and others.

It is important to forgive those who have hurt you and to ask for forgiveness from those that you have hurt. Remember, the essence of the Creator is love itself. He doesn’t judge you by your guilt but justifies you. Allow Him to justify you in front of yourself and in front of the others and thank Him for that. Practice this until you feel completely free from guilt.

If you are carrying the fear of death inside you, just think that death is not the end. Those who have experienced clinical death assure us that death doesn’t hurt, but that they have felt joy in going to another world, they were drawn by some light or warmth and there was a person full of love beside them. You will be freed from the fear of death also if you clearly present to yourself what death is. It is not the end but the beginning. 

You become ready for death if you are doing good, forgiving others, giving to others…because then you are sure that your life can’t end but it only changes form; then your soul is aware that you are conquering death and then the fear disappears. 

You don’t have to be a slave to evil. You can do a huge amount against evil and sin. We can’t be entirely free from evil, neither were the saints. Every man is a slave to sin and evil, but everyone can build extraordinary virtues and chastity inside oneself. You can’t but sin, but you can sin less and less and with that, you will do a lot. You are also freed from evil when you aren’t thinking of it, if you ignore it, and when you constantly think of good, of nobility, of virtues and when you practice virtues – how to be good to your mother, your father, your spouse, your child, friends, those who are rude to you and how to help others…

Over and over again look towards the good and don’t allow your gaze to turn to evil. In that way, your conscience will become pure, and you free.

Every time you look towards the good, good will happen to you. Where virtue and chastity are, evil and slavery cease.

To establish a contact with the Creator

Being is all existence. It is a person, the Creator of man and the world in philosophy, and God in theology. We know that this Being is good, that he is love, that he is one, that he is the truth and beauty. In the Being, existence as such, you enter through four doors.

First of all, that you are love, that you aren’t separated from yourself and others but in unity with them. Try to love, have compassion for others, understand them and help them get out of some suffering.

The love you show to others heals you also.

Secondly, in the way you are good.

Whenever you are good, you are eternal, you are indestructible, and your life is saved. Try to be good. Decide at least for pieces of some good and you will already be in contact with your Creator, a new strength will enter you.

Thirdly, in the way that you are true.

Don’t be afraid of the truth. If you make a mistake, admit it. The truth is inside you as soon as you admit your mistake or the evil you have done. But also, if you do some good, don’t hide it as if that isn’t your credit, but  acknowledge it and accept praise. The truth frees and your contact with the Creator is hidden inside the truth. 

Fourthly, in the way that you are prone to beauty.

Decide for beauty instead of some kitsch. Show that you care about yourself – put on a suit or a dress that is not kitschy, but harmonious and beautiful, put paintings that are beautiful in your room….in that way you are sure to be in contact with your Creator because he inspires you.

Practice asceticism – learn to renunciate

Whatever you can’t renounce, whatever you can’t give away, whatever you are not ready to lose, that is what binds you and you are a slave to it. Realise that only when you detach from what binds you, you become free for everything and even more, then you become free for moral values that are eternal and that can never be lost. 

Asceticism is not about your renouncing something at any cost, but about you becoming free.

If you fast because you should fast on Fridays, you haven’t accomplished anything great. But if you fast to become free from food or drinks and so that your spirit would be free for a conversation with the Creator and the love towards man, then that asceticism is the real one.

Renunciation or asceticism has two directions. On the one hand to renounce pleasures that bind you, and on the other hand to accept what is hard for you, what you are afraid of and say: ‘I’m going anyway!’. Jesus of Nazareth said that anyone who doesn’t take up his cross and renounce everything, cannot be his disciple.

V. Frankl in logotherapy, speaks about paradoxical intention: If you are afraid of the dark, simply go to the dark and say: “So what!” If you are afraid of death, say: “So what if I die now!”, and at that moment you will be free. 

Asceticism is the essence of our life. You cannot allow anything to bind you here on earth because you have to travel from here. To renounce something means to be entirely turned to your Creator. 

Asceticism is cutting off everything that is trying to restrain you, that is not your freedom and your recollection, that is not your future so that your spirit would be unfettered, free, eternal and always creative. 

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