Harmful consequences of the Istanbul Convention

Written by Miroslav Kolovrat

The ratification of the Istanbul Convention, imposed on our society by the current ruling majority in Parliament, can peacefully be attributed to our biblical saying, „The parents have eaten sour grapes, and the children’s teeth are set on edge.“

Perhaps the saying should be paraphrased to be understood better, „Our members of Parliament ate the sour grapes of the new ideology, and our children’s teeth will be set on edge at the dissolution of the family and the anthropological structure of man created by God.“

The authors of this Convention „sell“ a lie wrapped in strong slogans that ratification will provide greater protection from domestic violence, violence against women in general, then more tolerance for those who deny the anthropological structure of man as a creature, bringing a new understanding of sexuality called gender ideology. Everything behind this ideology, that is „rolling“ so to speak, is skillfully covered up by caring for the welfare of society, but the consequences are already there.

If you ask any members or supporters what gender ideology is, they will answer that it is a – construct -.

We cannot choose sex by birth, but we can choose gender and change it whenever we want?!? They use a kind of meta-language and expression so that they can talk a lot and say nothing. However, things and phenomena should be addressed with names that belong to them.

„Gender ideology (presented through the Istanbul Convention) is one of the levers of the culture of death, and its goal is to destroy families and the anthropological structure of man as an individual.“

They do not want to accept that man’s dignity and identity as coming from God, who also gave his Son to redeem all people by sacrifice on the cross and bring them eternal life. On the contrary, they are attacking religion and the Church by implementing and imposing their ideology (thank God, they are not the only ones).

Our Blessed Martyr of the Faith and prophet, Cardinal Alojzije Stepinac, said long ago what is true of this ideology today, „Every attempt to create a culture, civilization, prosperity of any nation without God means to seal that nation’s temporary and eternal ruin!“

In this article, we have announced the basic features of gender ideology, and in the next, we will bring the following:

–       The origin and implementation in societal institutions

–       Goals of gender ideology

–       Inappropriate understanding of sexuality and attack on man and family

–       Response to the challenge that this ideology brings

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