THE SIGNS OF THE TIMES – What needs to be done? Tomislav Ivančić

Written by: Tomislav Ivančič

Jesus said that we should be able to recognize the signs of the times:

“Don’t you recognize the signs of THIS time?
             Can’t you see that you are slaves to evil and sin?
             That you are slaves to your formal religiosity , not the true one which comes from the heart?
             Don’t you recognize the sign of the times,
             that the time of conversion has come?
             The kingdom of Heaven has come near, repent and believe! “


Let’s remember: Nazism was the first beast of the last century that the Apocalypse speaks of. That beast killed hundreds of millions of people. The second beast was communism. It also killed millions of people. Those beasts were wounded, so we thought they had been
defeated. However, it is happening according to the predictions in the Book of Revelations: The wound to that beast healed and now it began to attack again, but far worse. This is neo-liberalism, neo-communism and neo-Nazism, the worst beast that could happen because it will not kill directly with weapons (although this is not excluded either).

It is a beast that kills man’s morality and wants to corrupt the laws of normal human life, and thus the laws of biological life, and then the laws of the physical world. This actually destroys man. When you destroy a person’s morality, ethics, he no longer knows how to live, becomes immoral and sinks to the level of an animal. It kills not only man’s morality, man’s sexuality, kills man as man, his conscience, the person is actually thrown into the mud, he is no longer an intellectual but a slave, he is no longer a character, he is no longer even aware of himself.

What is , really, happening to us these days?

Some people systematically and consciously commit evil acts, introduce laws against man and people using the power of politics. They conspired to do that. What is a conspiracy? Several people agree to do evil things. The New Age is a conspiracy. The New Order is a plot against man and morality.

While some people are aware and have their own plan, the second group of people do not seem to notice anything. However, there is the third group of people who are aware of the intentions of this first group and they are saying: “we must not let this happen!” So, those who are in the conspiracy are aware and determined to do evil and abuse democracy. They have a majority in the Parliament and can pass laws against the people and nobody is able to do anything to them. But is it democracy? We need to know how to respond to the signs of the times!

Let’s remember what it was like in the time of Noah. As he builds the ship, everyone laughs at him, “Are you crazy? What are you doing? “Just in the sexual area, sinners scoff at him, and he is silent because he knows – God said to him,” Make a ship because that is the only way you will be saved! “This is what Croats, Catholics and everyone in Europe needs today! We must make a ship! We need to know where we can be protected from the evils of present and future. In Sodom and Gomorrah, they all scoffed at Lot and his daughters and
his wife. Especially when the three messengers of God came and warned them, “Get out of the city because the city will suffer!” The Bible makes it clear that every deviation, every act of evil in the area of ​​sexuality (the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, but also the tree of life because – the life starts in man ) causes the revenge of nature.

What do we need, those of us who cry and sigh, “Why are they doing this to us? Why is one minority doing it to the majority? Why? It’s not just us, it’s in America, all over Europe. It is a pure conspiracy, a network that seeks to destroy man. Jesus says,

“But watch yourselves, or your hearts will be weighed down by dissipation, drunkenness, and the worries of life—and that day will spring upon you suddenly like a snare.“


  1. In Romans, Chapter 8, St. Paul says:
                      “If God is on our side, can anyone be against us?”
  2. Abraham prayed:   “If there are ten righteous in Sodom and
    Gomorrah, will you spare the city?”   God says, “I will!”
    Do we have 10 honest and righteous people in Croatia who will not allow
    the beast to swallow them? The beast of neoliberalism and immorality?
    The beast of tearing apart the family, man, sexuality, consciousness,
  3. We can begin a thorough new evangelization! Let’s go, let’s hold
    seminars, set up groups! Now it’s time to start doing something
    thoroughly! Let’s not engage ourselves with stupidities when death
    is around the corner! Let’s establish big groups and small groups,
    let’s talk, let’s do everything we can to restore the people, to save the
  4. Acknowledge the need to repent in every way! Repent and
    forgive others! So you know: if now is doomsday, I’m ready! If death
    comes now, I’m ready to go!
  5. Watch Jesus Every Day! It means being focused before him, in his
    presence Jesus, you are here and you are watching me. You will see
    what power it is when Jesus takes hold of you! And it gives you the spirit of intelligence, of strength against addiction, against evil, against hatred, the power to forgive people, to feel sorry for those who conspire. You begin to forgive those in the Government or various social groups, you forgive and differentiate evil deeds from the person. You love a man, but you hate evil!
  6. Let’s start reading the Holy Scripture, especially the Gospel!
  7. To believe is to hope for the best. Don’t anticipate evil! Don’t be afraid of evil! Evil will not prevail! As soon as you anticipate evil, you no longer trust God and God will not be able to help you. But if you expect good, then you are open to God and no one else can harm you! Even if the worst comes to the worst. – it can’t hurt you, it can’t , because God is with you!
  8. Let’s become aware of one certainty: “Well, I am saved, I am baptized, I am a child of God! That is why our Father can’t let us suffer! Croatia will not be hurt! “
  9. Let’s take the Holy Rosary again, and let’s keep blessed rosaries with us and wherever we may, let’s pray!

Why has Medjugorje remained so strong even today? Why are millions of people coming to Međugorje? Why did Our Lady appear in our Međugorje, of all places and what does she want? “Pray, pray and pray! Connect with My Son! ” Our Lady wants prayer and penance. And it doesn’t matter if you believe that Our Lady appears in Medjugorje! You know the Church is asking for prayer! Our Lady in your church, in you, everywhere in the world she wants it. Pray, turn back to God , fast! Love one another! And especially: pray, pray and pray!

Let’s renew our faith!

Do you believe Our Lady is our mother? Do you believe our Heavenly Father is your Dad and my dad? Our Dear Father! Do you believe Jesus is coming to save us and redeem us? Do you believe that all angels, millions of angels, will come to fight onmour side?                                     

Do you believe that?

Chosen by: Ljerka Jurkić

Je li sve ovo oko nas stvarnost ili samo neka velika iluzija?

Je li sve ovo oko nas stvarnost ili samo neka velika iluzija?

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Danas preda te stavljam: život i sreću, smrt i nesreću. Život, dakle, biraj.

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